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  • Sports Bra FAQ

    Wondering where to start? We’ve got you covered - let us help alleviate some of the decision making burden. Here’s everything you need to know when it comes to sports bras.
  • Just Launched! Join Us as a Wave Brand Ambassador

    We are looking for some amazing people to join us and start promoting the Wave brand. In return you will get regular | Ambassador Discounts on our products | Free Product Bundles | Exclusive Samples | Spotlight Features | Commission | All this whilst being a significant part of our amazing team!
  • Why Choose Bamboo Clothing?

    Before owning my first piece of Bamboo clothing I was sceptical. A simple pair of bamboo socks cost me twice the price of cotton socks, but having taken the plunge the difference is like night and day. I liken it to wearing cashmere.

    However, what are the main characteristics?

  • Wave Sport and Fitness on Strava

    Strava lets you track your workouts and connect with a global community of individuals who enjoy working out. We are proud to annouce that Wave Sport and Fitness club is now open on Strava. When you connect your Strava account with the Wave Sport and Fitness club you’ll be able to easily share activities, analyze your data, and celebrate milestones.