Sports Bra FAQ

Wondering where to start? We’ve got you covered - let us help alleviate some of the decision making burden here and now. Everything you need to know when it comes to sports bras.

Can Sports Bras cause neck pain?

The short answer is that they shouldn’t! However, if you begin to feel neck pain when wearing a certain sports bra, there is a chance the fit isn’t right for you or it’s time for a new one.

The likeliest cause of neck pain is the straps of your sports bra digging into your shoulders. It can produce excess pressure on your upper body, you may find that adjusting or altering the straps helps relieve this discomfort. However, if none of that works, then Wave Sport & Fitness recommend you get an expert bra fitting and ensure that you are wearing the right size for you.

How to wash a Sports Bra?

Always read the label and pay close attention to the instructions provided, but above and beyond that, you have two choices. You can either hand-wash your sports bra and leave it to dry naturally or pop it in the washing machine using a cool wash and leave it to dry naturally. Wave Sport & Fitness always recommend taking care when washing these items.

How often should a Sports Bra be washed?

In all fairness this is completely dependent on you and how often you wear your sports bra. Let’s face it, if you don’t sweat much during a workout, you don’t need to wash your sports bra after every activity. In general terms though, you should wash your sports bra at least once every couple of weeks, more frequently if you tend to sweat more.

How long should a Sports Bra last?

Sports bras can last a matter of six months to a year, but that is dependent on use. If you hit the gym once a week, then that 52 wears a year, go twice and all of a sudden it climbs to 104 uses. At 3 sessions per week 156 wears a year and no doubt a weekly wash, wear and tear will take its toll. However, as soon as you start to notice that the support is lacking, Wave Sport & Fitness recommend you replace your sports bra. Sadly the more you wear your bra, the faster you will need to replace it. It’s that simple.

How often should a Sports Bra be replaced?

When you need to replace your sports bra will depend on its quality and how often you tend to use it, something we touched on above. However, as soon as you notice that the bra is not giving you the support you need - you should replace it. Other tell-tale signs include colour fade and a loss of elasticity. Keep an eye out for any of these issues.


We hope this has given you some ideas on how to find the right sports bra? If you don’t have time to get properly measured then check out our size guide. Remember you deserve the best comfort and support during your workout. Getting this baseline requirement correct could help improve your training more than you know.