Getting Fit At Home

Getting in shape at home is easier than you think! Here at Wave Sport and Fitness we believe the following steps can help anyone make it a reality. In a study conducted about losing weight through Diet, exercise or diet with exercise, statistics showed that weight-loss and changes in fitness for adults was vastly improved with a combination of both.

Eating Habits

Your diet is the most important thing when it comes to losing weight and getting in shape. There are loads of theories out there, but “Pareto's Law” (The 80:20 Rule ) pretty much sums it up, the larger proportion going to diet and the remainder exercise. You simply cannot out train a poor diet, this much we know having tried it first hand. 

The basic premise of weight loss is to put yourself in a caloric deficit, For example, if your body and lifestyle demands at least 2,500 calories per day and you want to lose weight, you should eat less than your body needs and aim for 2,000 calories per day.

The bigger question you have to ask is how many calories would it take to burn the same 500 calories with exercise? Let’s see!

NB. All figures are approximates and dependent on your gender, weight and other factors.

  • Aquarobics - 80-100 minutes
  • Boxing - 40-60 minutes
  • Skiing (Crosscountry) - 30-50 minutes
  • Cycling Road - 40-60 minutes
  • Cycling Spin - 30-50 minutes
  • Jogging - 30-45 minutes
  • Rowing - 40-60 minutes
  • Swimming - 40-60 minutes
  • Walking - 60-90 minutes
  • Yoga - 126-160 minutes
  • Zumba - 40-50 minutes


We’ve broken this category down into two main types:

  • Strength (Weights, resistance, yoga)
  • Cardio (Steady State, HIIT, Crossfit)

Cardio workouts tend to be pretty popular or so statistics would show for people who regularly go to the gym. We think it has something to do with being easier to pick up without any guidance or support. I mean what do you really need to know or learn to be able to start running? 

On the other hand strength workouts are super efficient at toning and building muscle mass. Just not so easy to access without some support and guidance, the people I know who commit to strength workouts start out by being part of a group who collectively train together. 

Our advice would be to embrace the best of both worlds

Create a workout schedule

Arguably just as important as your diet, creating a consistent workout routine. Without a schedule it's difficult to commit, here’s a quiz that might help you understand what type of personality profile you have. It will at least give you an indication of what triggers might keep you engaged. Then decide how many days a week you want to exercise and for how long. Then plan your week!

Here’s an example:

  • Monday: Run
  • Tuesday: HIIT
  • Wednesday: Rest Day
  • Thursday: Cycle
  • Friday: Resistance Band - Upper Body
  • Saturday: Run
  • Sunday: Rest Day

Seek Out Motivation

When getting fit, there's always a why? To keep up with the kids, complete that Triathlon you’ve always said you will do, swim the channel. Sorry, those were all of mine, but you get my drift. You have to keep in mind why you want to get in shape, a reminder if you will. Otherwise, it becomes easy to press pause and stop after a week or two. 

None of this will be easy, far from it, but with some support and encouragement a healthy diet and working out will become a habit for you and everything should get easier. 

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