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  • Skipping Benefits - What you Don't Know?

    The humble skipping rope is no longer the reserve of the boxing elite. The act of skipping is now proven to do more for you overall than the same time spent jogging. A skipping workout can be done anywhere, better still you can throw a skipping rope into your gym bag and take it wherever you go! Work, Home, even the Living Room. Skipping to lose weight will no longer feel like a chore.
  • Tried & Tested Popular Weight Loss Tips

    We all know how tough it is to lose weight, but here at Wave Sport and Fitness we reckon the first step is believing in yourself and truly understanding how small changes over a period of time offer considerable results. As the old adage goes, “slow and steady wins the ace”, relatively speaking that’s true. If you compare it to learning how to drive a manual car, your first lesson revolves around simply moving the car from a stationary position. By the time you take your test, that aspect is well and truly automated, you're more aware of other cars on the road and being cautious about pedestrians and cyclists.
  • Improve Gut Health Naturally and Reduce Viscerol Belly Fat?

    Research shows the bacteria and other microbes living in the gut (microbiome), can influence the risk of developing conditions like heart disease and Type 2 diabetes and in some instances even help athletic performance. Moreover, the types of food you eat can affect which microbes populate your gut. The latest research shows gut microbes can also influence how much visceral fat (yes, belly fat) you have.
  • Stress Eating - Tips on How to Avoid Doing It

    As adults we all go through it, busy at work, stress with the kids, an argument with a loved one. Reaching for food to calm down is now more than ever an all-too-common coping mechanism. Juggling life’s demands and other stresses is fraught with pressure that we put on ourselves
  • The Secret To Getting Fit?

    Fitness fads aren’t new, the current trend seems to be focussed around HIIT, AMRAP, SUP and just about any other acronym you can come up with. All of which promise to shape your body like an Adonis or provide you with a healthy heart. As such for some it can feel like we have spent an eternity trying to find that holy grail of fitness solutions.
  • How to Avoid Lower Back Pain When Strengthening Your Core

    Core exercises train the muscles in all of these areas to work in harmony, which leads to improved balance and stability.
  • 5 Exercises That Age You!?! And How To Prevent Them

    Here’s a list of exercises that have the potential to age you if done too frequently or with poor form, but most importantly - how to prevent any long term damage.