Press-Up, No! Super Press-Up

Take the best upper body weighted exercise known to the fitness world and then amp it up to include the lower body, what do you get #winning. Banded press ups are likely to be the one of the toughest and most effective full body move you’ll ever try. That’s a challenge for anyone who thinks they are up to it! 

Press ups have long been known to offer up an easy and simple way of developing a solid core and upper body without the need for equipment. But, let’s face it the classic version does the square root of zero to your lower body. How do you fix it? Add Resistance

While a push-up on its own is incredibly effective, adding a resistance band around your ankles suddenly goes full-body mode. Adding a resistance band around your ankles activates the glutes, thus making the push-up a total body move. It will now not only engage your core, chest and back, but the glutes too, simultaneously.

Let’s be clear it will work you a little harder than the classic press-up, but you should be able to integrate it into your normal routine with ease. If you have the classic move down to a tea then you are half-way there. 

Place a resistance band around your ankles, then set yourself up in plank position. Ensure your feet are slightly wider than your hips, you want to feel the tension on the band as this will help fire up your glutes and the backs of your legs. Slowly move your body down toward the ground, maintaining that solid plank line, in fact try and think of it as a moving plank. 

Once you have mastered this technique then should you feel the need you can overload it by turning it into a burpee, yes it is as difficult as you are imagining. It’s for those that are finding “the remix” as I call it too easy.

You can add this version into your regular workout and we recommend working to time, so it’s perfect as part of an AMRAP. Failing that add it into a circuit, the options are quite literally endless. 

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